GTA “Red Lips” Music Video

I worked alongside the ultra talented Mr. Dvice to create this fun animated piece for GTA’s new single “Red Lips”.

Mr. Dvice approached me with an ambitious concept for the “Red Lips” music video. The concept would require a team of editors, compositors, and animators to be working around the clock to transform live action footage into a colorful and animated “Goon World”.  My role on the project was Lead Technical Director & Producer.  I handled all the compositing of the cel animated faces, which included tracking, rotoscoping, and additional animations.

Client: GTA/Warner Brothers Records
Art Director: Mr. Dvice
Technical Director: Justin Puda


The team used a variety of tools and software in the post production process but relied heavily on the Adobe CC Suite. After Effects CC was used for animation + compositing and Illustrator CC was used for all creation of artwork.

Cel animations were completed using a variety of techniques and software including Flash, Toon Boom Studio, & Photoshop CC. In the end, the team had created over 2 minutes of animation and completed hundreds of VFX shots, all within a three week timeframe.