DC Cole Lite II – Commercial

This piece was created to advertise the reveal of the new DC Cole Lite II shoe being release.   The project was created in Cinema4D and rendered using Vray.  All the materials were created using 3d scans of the shoes materials and procedural texturing techniques.  I was responsible for shader development, animation, lighting & rendering.

Client: DC Shoes
Agency: Look Mister
Art Director: Josh Hassin
Animation/Lighting/Rendering: Justin Puda


The project was animated + rendered in Cinema4D using Vray.  The materials for the shoe were created through a combination of a couple techniques.  The fabric portions of the shoe were 3d scanned and photographed to create a detailed set of images to use in the shading process.  The more solid surface areas of the shoe were created using procedural materials in Cinema4D.

Lighting was handled with HDRI light domes using custom HDRI studio composites along with some area lights.  The entire project was composited and graded in AE.