Nike Sage Gold 

Using Houdini, Cinema 4d, macro product photography and heavy photoshop composite work, our sleek, clean, product driven presentation followed Nikes brand DNA and told the “GOLD” story through powerful visual imagery.  This piece made heavy use of FLIP fluids in Houdini with all renders being handled in Cinema 4d through the standard renderer.  Composite work was handled in Photoshop.

Client: Nike
Art Director: Dave Weidetz
Technical Director: Justin Puda


The process for this project utilized a number of techniques and applications.  First, the CAD files were loaded into Rhino to fix the meshes and generate polygonal meshes for import into Houdini & Cinema4D.

After getting the mesh cleaned up, it was imported into Houdini and certain selections of the goggle were converted to VDB with emission & viscosity attributes created to give added control in the simulation.  The entire goggle was also converted to VDB to be used for a collision mesh within the simulation.

Once the VDB’s were all setup & cached, the FLIP simulation setup was fairly straight forward.  Using the attributes created on the source emission volumes, viscosity attributes were adjusted within the simulation to give control over the thickness and length of each of the drips.  The pools on the ground plane were created with some simple cylinders and a copy stamp node fed into a volume source.  With all that setup, the simulation was cached and geometry written to Alembic files for import into Cinema4D.